Doctor, Scientist, Professor


Dr. Gordon Christensen dedicated his career in medicine to the treatment and research of infectious diseases. In addition to his work at the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital, Dr. Christensen taught medicine at the University of Missouri (MU). Before joining the Veterans Hospital, Dr. Christensen was credited with the discovery of an overlooked skin bacteria that caused often fatal infections in intravenous (IV) lines and other medical implants. Dr. Christensen knows, first hand, the problems Americans face when seeking access to quality healthcare. As your Congressman, Dr. Christensen will seek to find solutions for hard working families.

Gordon and his wife Alice have lived in Columbia, Missouri since 1988. Together they raised two daughters and are active members of their local church.

In the 1990s, Dr. Christensen uncovered corruption and testified before Congress as part of an inquiry into the cover up of murders at a local Veterans’ Hospital. Although, he received threats and his professional career was impeded, Dr. Christensen is proud that he stood up for vulnerable Veterans seeking access to health care. In his words, “Some of the people who were hurt are the very same people who we have asked to sacrifice their lives and health to defend us.”

Dr. Christensen was elected by his peers to represent the faculty of the medical school at the University of Missouri and served as Chair of the MU Faculty Council (2003-2005) and Chief of Staff at the University of Missouri Hospital (2008-2009). Dr. Christensen has dedicated a significant portion of his post-research career to working with underprivileged populations in developing nations, traveling to South Africa, Jamaica, Panama, Nicaragua, and Peru to assist local physicians in research and control of infectious diseases.

With so many important decisions about health care before Congress, who better to have a seat at the table than a physician who has spent his career caring for Veterans and their families. Dr. Christensen is outraged by the attitude of self-interest among Republicans in Washington that has lead to the neglect of the real problems facing everyday Americans.

Dr. Christensen is running for Congress to give hard working families a voice and take their message to Washington. He believes that, “It's time that Congress represents the people. If enough like-minded citizens and elected officials work together, we can overcome the partisan gridlock and restore integrity to government. Together we can make it happen.”



A Historical District


Missouri’s 4th Congressional District spans 24 counties across mid-Missouri. Encompassing the suburbs of Kansas City to the City of Columbia, Whiteman Air Force Base and Ft. Leonard Wood, Lake of the Ozarks and Truman Lake, and vast stretches of rural farm land and communities, the 4th is an amazing representation of America. Historically the 4th was a Democratic district with Rep. Ike Skelton as the Congressman for 34 years. The district is also the birthplace of the United States 33rd President, Harry S. Truman. The district is home to the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the University of Missouri, and the Missouri State Fairgrounds. The 4th District is a true snapshot of America.


A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling in January has shown that Missouri's 4th District is in play for the upcoming election. It polled nearly 1,000 people in the 4th district and found that, the incumbent, Vicky Hartzler's approval rating was underwater. A dismal 38% of voters approved of Hartzler's job performance while an overwhelming 42% disapprove. It also showed that 43% of voters identified as Republican, highlighting that many identified Republicans do not support Hartzler's job performance. 32% of voters in district, a huge margin, are identifying as independent. These polling numbers being reminiscent of what is seen nationally with Congressional disapproval ratings being at record highs and a shift from hard-line Washington establishment candidates such as Vicky Hartzler.

"A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that a plurality of voters in Missouri’s fourth congressional district disapproves of the job Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler is doing in Washington. 42% of voters say they disapprove with how the Congresswoman is representing the fourth district, while only 38% say they approve of her performance. This could mean trouble for Hartzler, who is seeking a fourth term in a district with 32% of voters identifying themselves as independent/unaffiliated.

Nationally we have seen that voters give Congress a low job performance due to the institution’s dysfunction and unwillingness to solve the country’s problems and work across the aisle to do so. This seems to be the case for Vicky Hartzler coupled with her extreme stances on partisan issues. Dr. Christensen’s distinctive profile will play well with middle class families in addition to Independent voters... There is an opportunity to unseat the unfavorable Tea Party (incumbent Vicky Hartzler)."